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Narrative/Level Designer

Psychological thriller where players must find their way out of a strange digital realm. Developed with two fellow designers in a small time frame.

Project Virus.png

Project Virus

Level Designer

A three-stage boss fight demo of a proposed boss rush game. Developed alongside a programmer and two fellow designers.

The Brink.png

The Brink

Solo Developer

Narrative text adventure where players take on the role of the Captain of an outer system patrol vessel. Developed as part of an academic case study.

Robot Testing Grounds.png

Robot Testing Grounds

Solo Developer

A 3D puzzle game made in Unreal engine using Blueprint. Level art assets were developed from scratch by me using 3DS Max and 3D Coat.

Smugglers Cove.png

Smugglers Cove

Solo Developer

First person, pirate themed puzzle escape room. My first substantial project taking into account UX factors, polish and juice.  

Zombie Survivor.png

Zombie Survivor

Narrative/Level Designer

My first ever attempt at game development and utilising Unity to create a zombie game. Develped with a programmer and artist.  


Grave Consequences.png

Grave Consequences

Game Designer

Winner of the 2019 Solent University Halloween game jame. Developed in under four hours in tandem with a programmer.

Box Runner.png

Box Runner

Solo Developer

An infinite runner made following a tutorial to refresh on Unity basics. I moved beyond the tutorials scope with infinite levels and ability pickups.

Unreal Galaga.png

Unreal Galaga

Solo Developer

A Galaga-like arcade space shooter developed in Unreal engine using Blueprint. Includes pickups and multiple fire modes.


The Headlights.png

The Headlights

Arma III Custom Scenario

Hunters vs hunted Arma III scenario utilising Arma's notoriously funky physics to generate hilarious fun while also encouraging team tactics.

Endurance Sub.png

The Endurance

Barotrauma Custom Submarine

Custom submarine designed to be as readible and accessible as possible to new players while also offering interesting gameplay oppertunities. 

The Barrens.png

The Orbs of Power

Warcraft III Custom Campaign

A Warcraft III campaign developed in a production team of 13 designers utilising professional game production practise and documentation. 

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