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Zombie Survivor is a unique take on a zombie game, no fighting hordes or run down cities, instead you are patient zero. You need to sneak around the facility of the corporation that has created the virus and try and find evidence to incriminate them as well as a method to save yourself from the virus. The infection gives the player a tense time limit and puts them under pressure in a stealth game situation where usually careful patience is a must.


Zombie Survivor was my first ever proper game project and my first real experience using Unity or any game engine. I was responsible for the design and creation of the level and also for design the narrative of the game in the form of notes a clues that the player finds to help them through the level. I also worked alongside two team members, a programmer and artist, to bring the design into fruition. 


  • Level Design and Itteration

  • Narrative Design

  • Collaberative Design


  • Asset Sourcing: I was responisble for find free assets to bring our design to life and trying to keep everything consistent.

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