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Project Virus is a fast-paced, third-person, neon-soaked, character action game, where the player fights a series of bosses, with a focus on meaningful and satisfying combat. The player will be expected to actively attack the bosses, harassing them with light attacks, dodging through their attacks and finding openings to use their more powerful techniques and abilities.


Project Virus was produced by three designers and a programmer, including me. My responsibility was the level design. The unique thing about Project Virus though is that the arena shifts between boss stages and is made of simple shapes, so my tasks was more involved with creating the logic to shift the pillars between stages into predetermined formations that could also be easily changed, edited and iterated on which proved to be a very fun technical challenge.


  • Level Design and Itteration

  • C# Scripting

  • Audio Sourcing and Implementation

  • Collaberative Design


  • Animation: I was responisble for creating some of the final bosses attack animations.

  • Source Control: This was my first project with a whole group using professional source control practises and the communication required by that.

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