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Box Runner is a fast and out of control infinite runner with minimalistic art where the only goal is to make it as far as you can down the track. I made Box Runner following a Brackeys tutorial in order to brush up on my scripting and Unity skills in preperation for a another year of University. I also tried to move beyond just what the tutorial shows to stretch my skills, implementing pickups and an infinite level. 


Box Runner was a solo project and so I was responsible for everything, but as I followed a tutorial for the main base of the game my design skills came in the form of what I chose to change and add to the project. I choose to have a random infinite level rather than several hand made ones and I also designed pickups to add even more variety and excitement to each run. 


  • Level Design

  • C# Scripting

  • Audio Sourcing and Implementation

  • UX Design


  • Infinte Generation: To move beyond the tutorial I added infinte level generation by instantiating preset sections, this was my first experience in this reguard. 

  • Browser Play: This was the first project that I built to be playable in browser, allowing for greater accessibility. 

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