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The Orbs of Power is Warcraft III custom campagin that I was a part of the production of for a University module. The production team was made up of thirteen designers and we employed professional production documentation like gantt charts to structure and log our development process. 

While the project was never completed for several reasons the production process still provided a valuable learning experience and I am proud of the work I, individually, managed to produce. 


  • Level Design and Itteration

  • Visual Scripting

  • Dialogue Writing

  • Cinematic Design

  • Collaberative Design

  • Professional Tools


Throughout the production of the campaign I had several roles including writer, cinematic designer, gameplay designer, quest designer, content designer and tester. My main role from the beginning was level designer and I was responsible for the creation of several of the campaigns maps, taking the leading role on most and on several occassions was tasked with revamping maps in order to bring them up to a more acceptable quality.

The collaberative aspect of this project was so unlike any other project I had done, the full on meetings and discussions is not something I had ever done on a project to that scale before. It is an experience I enjoyed a lot and I think it was very valuable for getting a taste of what the industry may be like.

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