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HACKTIVIST follows a hacker in the dark future. Having been put into virtual world to target a corporation’s darkest secrets, he became captured and is now trapped in a quarantine file. The hacker must now ally with outside help to hack back into the corporation’s systems to complete the job they came to do and then break himself out of the system before the corporation can match his brain activity against him in the real world.


My primary responsibility was the design and creation of the dungeon level using modular rooms and assests. I was also responisble for implementing the levels interactive features, events and visual languange communicating the digital fakery of the environment. I found it extremely fun to blend the aged aesthetic of the dungeon with the clean and emissive elements I used to represent the simulation. However, as the game had a very tight production timeline, with almost all developemnt taking place in two weeks, I encountered issues where the level needed to be made longer as more dialogue was completed so that it had time to be spoken. I achieved this by effectively turning the first section of the level into a maze, which I found to be a very fun challenge.


  • Level Design and Iteration

  • C# Scripting

  • Dialogue Writing

  • UX Design

  • Audio Sourcing and Implementation

  • Collaberative Design


  • Menu Design and Creation: I was responsible for the creation and implementation of the main menu and pause menu.

  • Menu and End Scene Creation: I was responisble for the creation of the level used for both the ending cinematics and the main menu scene.

  • Dialogue Writing: Alongside the team of two other designers I helped to write the script for the game.

  • Voice Acting: I provided the voice for the Hacker character.

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