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In The Brink the player commands the CSV Reproach, a state of the art military vessel and must patrol the outer systems to keep the peace and to ensure the laws of the central government are adhered to. Keeping order out on the brink of civilisation is not an easy task and players are left with nothing but their instincts to guide them. The two main officers under the players command are Commander Flynn and Lieutenant Ashton, their view points are endlessly useful in weighing any decision they have to make.


As The Brink was a solo project I was responsible for every aspect of its design and production, with the exception of art assets. The main undertakings of the projected involved the design of all of the encounters as well as all of the branching choices and consequences that echo through the story as a whole.

I also collected data from a number of testers to perform a case study looking into what type of consequence is most effective in cultivating an emotional response from the player.


  • C# Scripting

  • Dialogue Writing

  • Narrative/Quest Design

  • UX Design

  • Audio Sourcing and Implementation

  • Testing and Data Collection


  • Case Study: With the data collected I wrote a case study, complete with literature analysis investigating the use of choice and consequence. 

  • Data Collection: For the case study I had to design the game with data collection in mind and had to create a survey to obtain data from the testers.

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