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Fallacy is a top-down fantasy narrative-focused game. Take on the role of a Sentinel, a warrior from an ancient order of daemon hunters. Rumours of strange happenings on the island of Edgepoint lead you to investigate the source of these events and discover the islands dark secret. Explore the islands forests, swamp and mountain. Talk to the inhabitants and eradicate the daemon presence using your deadly combat skills and magical abilities.


Fallacy is the product of my Final Major Project for my university degree and was a solo project. As my FMP it eclipsed everything I had previously undertaking in terms of size, scope and complexity. I challenged myself to create a full combat system with enemy AI, an area of game development I had yet to confront. Along with combat, the focus of the project was to create an engaging narrative for the main quest of the game, allowing me to dig my teeth into narrative and quest design more than I had been able to before.

It was a great challenge to not only create a combat system but also in crafting the dialogue, enabling the player to feel like they can say what they want, that they don't feel limited and railroaded by the options presented to them. I loved creating the story for this project too, plot twists in quests is a fantastic method for generating engaging encounters and I enjoyed creating them and seeing players reactions to them.


  • Quest Design

  • C# Scripting

  • Dialogue Writing

  • Level Design

  • AI & Combat Systems

  • UX Design

  • Audio Sourcing and Implementation


  • Level Design: In this project I utilised Unity's terrain tools to a greater extent than I had before. Sculpting and detailing a believable and attractive environment was fun and challenging task.

  • Adaptive Music: I created an adaptive music system that transitions between non-combat and combat music when needed.

  • Trailer: I created a trailer for the games Itch page that can be viewed in the gallery above.

  • Options Menu: I created a full options menu with quality pre-sets, individual video options and volume sliders.

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