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Grave Consequences is two-player competative party game that I made alongside a programmer for the Solent University 2019 Halloween game jam. It puts players in the role of grave robbers who compete against eachother to get as much treasure as possible from digging up the graves of dead, but some of the dead aren't as lifeless as they seem.


As designer I was responsible for coming up with idea of the game based around mechanics that the programmer already had in mind and during development I was mainly responsible for making and sourcing the art and audio for the game as well as working with my team mate to ensure the game got into a minimal playable state in the four hour time limit, cuttng out ideas and features where needed.


  • 2D Art

  • Audio Sourcing

  • Collaberative Design

  • Working under pressure


  • Menu Design: I was responsible for the art and design of both the main menu and end screen.

  • Presenting: I was responsible for presenting our game to everyone at the event.

  • It won the game jam!

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