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Smugglers Cove is a first person, escape room style puzzle game. The player is an explorer during the golden age of piracy, they have across an abandoned smugglers hide-away and decided to investigate. They become trapped, and now they must find a way through the hideouts hidden puzzles and secrets to escape back to their ship, perhaps learning of the life of the smugglers that once called this cove home. 


Smugglers Cove was a solo project and so I was responsible for every aspect of its design and production, with the exception of art assets. The main undertaking for this project was without a doubt the puzzle design, it was a great challenge to come up with, design, iterate and build a variety of different problems for the player to confront and interact with.

This was also the first project I took through extensive external testing to identify problems and implement solutions.


  • Level Design and Iteration

  • C# Scripting

  • Puzzle Design

  • UX Design

  • Audio Sourcing and Implementation

  • Testing


  • Unity Custom Inspector: This project saw my first use of Unity's custom editors to give extra functionality to the inspector for certain scripts in order to make them more usable/customisible from a design perspective.

  • Cinematics: Making use of Cinemachine, I created several cinematic sequences for the game.

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