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What's Going On Here Then?

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Hello, wanderers of the internet, future employers and undoubtedly my university lecturers! I am currently a 3rd year Computer Games Design student at Solent University. This blog will serve as a record of my journey through the production of my Final Major Project and beyond, showing my design process and the inevitable trials and tribulations of game development.

Needless to say, I love creating games, they present the perfect blend of logic and creativity that keeps me as a designer always engaged and enthusiastic to tackle any challenge. My passion is narrative focused experiences, I believe games are in a unique position to provide the most impactful emotional experiences and character relationships through their interactivity. I would love to become a Quest Designer in a great AAA studio, working with great, talented people so that I get to be a part of crafting how players interact with and experience characters and story. Generating moments that stay with people forever, just like my favourite moments from my favourite games have stayed with me and driven me to pursue the best career I could imagine.

I can't wait to become a part of creating beautiful works of art, learning from all the talented people in the games industry, enabling me to grow and become the best games designer I can be.

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