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Final Major Project - Testing

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

I have finally gotten to the stage where I am happy enough with the state of my game for it to go out to testers. I have made it available to eleven designers and four programmers for feedback. As of now the feedback I have gotten so far has be very pleased, people have responded well to the story and its twist, they love the look of the game and it's UI. Peoples main areas of feedback so far are:

  • The stamina drains very quickly, sprints in particular takes too much.

  • Movement controls can be difficult to get used to.

  • There are several spelling errors.

  • Low AI detection range.

There were a few small technical glitches and errors beyond those, but they represent the main concerns that were voiced several times. I have already fixed most of the minor issues, the confusing movement is concerning and is something I should look to iron out, but any movement overhaul will likely have to wait while I finish off my accompanying documents for my FMP as it is likely to be a lot of work.

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