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Final Major Project - Main Menu

Coming off of my post about Dragon Age: Inquisition's main menu and my expectations of a game's main menu in general, I clearly had no choice but to give my projects main menu as much thought as possible. I knew I wanted the menu to be a camera shot of the game world and I knew I wanted it to be dynamic and represent the game.

You can see the inspiration drawn from both Inquisition and The Witcher 3. It shows off the visuals of the world, the leaves and swaying grass give the menu that dynamic motion and you're presented with the player character. It shows the player character to be highly skilled as they're standing among slain bodies and additionally it is not inherently clear who the villain of the situation is, the bodies are not monsters, the colours don't particularly paint them as villainous minions and that uncertainty sets up the story nicely.

Overall, I am happy with this menu, I think it could be improved in several areas but for the time limit of the project and it's production I am very pleased with what I have produced.

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