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“Books let you imagine extraordinary things.  Movies let you see extraordinary things. And videogames?  Videogames let you do extraordinary things”

                                                                                                                             - unknown



Don't let the hastily taken picture and bland background fool you, I'm an interesting person I swear, just an interesting person without a library of self-photography.

I am a determined and passionate team-player, I studied in Southampton and graduated with a First Class degree in Computer Games Design. I pushed myself to learn and create as much as possible in the 3 years of my university course, exceeding my even wildest self-expectations. I love games with a focus on story and character and I hope my future career to reflect this, taking on roles that allow me to create story focused content and design how the player interacts with a games narrative and characters to generate moments the stay with them forever.

Needless to say, I love games. I love everything about them. When I'm not making or playing them I love watching video essays about their design, music and stories. I enjoy watching similar videos about film too!

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