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Final Major Project - An Overview

My Final Major Project (FMP) is a top-down fantasy narrative-focused game titled 'Fallacy'. Players take on the role of a Sentinel, a warrior from an order of daemon hunters. Rumours of strange happenings on the island of Edgepoint lead the player to investigate the source of these events, unravelling the unnatural conspiracy that threatens to push the island past the breaking point.

Fallacy aims to be similar in scale and structure to a large side quest from an action RPG like the 'Rise in the East' quest from Skyrim (2011) or 'Carnal Sins' from The Witcher 3 (2015). The game will take inspiration from Thronebreaker (2018) for how it presents its story and choices but will have a combat system more in line with traditional action RPGs, featuring light and heavy attacks, dodging and magical abilities to give the player tactical and interesting choices during combat. Puzzles will be simple but still satisfying to engaging with, serving primarily to vary the gameplay.

I will be creating the player movement, combat, AI and UI systems and puzzles and the games single small open-world style level, that I hope to imbue with rich environmental story telling. I will be giving special attention to the narrative and quest design element, researching industry techniques and practises to create an engaging and memorable experience.

In future posts I will detail the progress made on specific systems and areas so far and detail design choices and changes made during the course of production.

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